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On March 3, 2012 the American Druze Society came together in Atlanta,
Georgia for a tribute and celebration to honor our distinguished Dr.
Abdullah Najjar for his remarkable body of work and accomplishments on
his 90th birthday.   

Many prominent guests came and spoke including, the Honorable
Ambassador of Lebanon Antoine Chedid, who came from Washington,
DC  to present the highest honor given to a Lebanese national living
abroad on behalf of His Excellency, President Sleiman of Lebanon.  The
White House also sent a note of appreciation to Dr. Abdullah Najjar for his
90th Birthday.

Honorable Ambassador of Lebanon Antoine Chedid, Speech:

It is most gracious of the American Druze Society , the Georgia Chapter
and its community to invite me to be among you tonight in this beautiful
city of Atlanta, to honor a great man from Lebanon, Dr. Abdallah Najjar
and to celebrate his lifetime achievement of a true scholar and a
community builder.

By celebrating the 90th birthday of Dr. Abdallah Najjar, the ADS is
continuing its distinguished path in maintaining a focus for the Druze in
the U.S. as well as providing support for Lebanon.  Among Lebanon’s
mosaic of religions, the Druze have always maintained an unshakable
position with their attachment to their countries of origin namely, Lebanon.
The Lebanese Mosaic is outstanding.  We are villagers and inhabitants of urban cities.  We are Muslims and Christians yet we all
shared in the fabric of our nation.  Your esteemed organization has been directing its good efforts to serve not only the Druze but
all the Lebanese from all perspectives especially on the social and humanitarian level and I must commend them for a job well
done.  From Baakline to Atlanta, what a path of struggle of hard work and success.  It is the story of Lebanon.  It is your story Dr.
Abdallah Najjar,  a success story and of course it’s a story for the Books.  We are proud of you and of your achievements. So let
us celebrate tonight Dr. Abdallah Najjar.  

It took me some time to read your C.V. and while reviewing it, I was able to identify the man through his valuable experience.  
Throughout your distinguished career, Dr. Najjar, you served the American people with vision, integrity and silent enthusiasm.  In
all your activities, the public good has superseded every personal ambition and the most profound ambition for you has always
been to serve to the best of your ability.  Dr. Najjar shares his origins with a land full of culture and history - Lebanon, a land that
made a great difference in the history of culture and even science and you proved it yourself when the doors were opened to you
in this great country, the United States of America.

America’s promise of freedom attracted those early immigrants from Lebanon like Dr. Abdallah Najjar.  The Lebanese who came
to this generous land were rich in spirit and they devoted themselves consequently to helping their ancient motherland by
achieving success in their adopted homeland exactly like our honoree tonight.  

Dr. Abdallah Najjar, You are a leading example of those Lebanese.  It was your generation of Americans from Lebanese descent
who provided Lebanon with a reservoir of good will. The Lebanese American community was not only proud to receive the
bounties that America bestows upon those who adopt her, but many of its members like Abdallah Najjar also contributed greatly in
a variety of fields, in politics, in the military, in diplomacy, in science.

This auspicious occasion tonight to celebrate the life achievement of Dr. Abdallah Najjar is a special opportunity for the President
of the Republic of Lebanon, H.E. General Michel Sleiman to pay tribute to a great man, a public servant who possesses unique
gifts of the mind and the spirit.

Dr. Abdallah Najjar, In appreciation and in recognition, it is a great honor and privilege for me as the Ambassador of Lebanon to
the United States, on behalf of His Excellency President Michel Sleiman to present to you this Republic of Lebanon Presidential
Shield, for your lifetime contributions and services.

Congratulations !
Long Live Lebanon!  Long Live the United States of America!