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The Voice of the Druze   
صوت الدروز
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Your Views in Your Words....

What a great pioneering masterpiece!!!!   You put the Druze back on the world's map.  My hearty congratulations for
this unique breakthrough.   God bless you & all that pitched in to make this project come through.   Being deeply impressed is
an understatement.   Thank you and please accept my best wishes and high personal regards.

Dr. Abdallah Najjar - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
My dear friend, Allah Maak;

I want to reconfirm the
American Druze Foundation's congratulations for your very important  on going  pioneering
achievements & services to our American Druze community.  We are proud of you and wish you the best.  You have provided
a badly needed platform for the free expression of our concerns & hopes and for the exchange of information.
We also very much appreciate the major role of your wife's efforts, contributions and devotion to the promotion of our
heritage, thank you.  

Melhem D Salman , Ph.D - Washington, DC, USA
American Druze Foundation
Warm Greeting. In fact it is impossible to translate into words our hearty thanks and deep appreciation not only for the new
web site but also for the outstanding service to the Druze communities worldwide. An informative networking service that
never been thought of before. God bless you and grant you health, strength and long life to be able to achieve what you stand
for.  Best regards,

Sheikh Fouad Sleem, ADS Charitable Affairs   - Virginia, USA
ADS Orphans' Fund
Representative of Sheikh Al-Aql

The magazine is incredible. Its organization & presentation is inviting, applicable to a wide audience & will inevitably open
many doors. I praise you for your proactive approach & success in this publication. By providing this wonderful opportunity,
you have inspired me to contribute to our community.

Hana Khzam - California, USA

With pride & admiration I congratulate you, for the effort of your time, for the bond you are creating among the community, for
the knowledge you are spreading, acquaintance and love not to mention others.  What  input & variety of information and
what an interesting magazine to read. Congratulations to you and your lovely wife and all those who helped & joined in
making this enjoyable worthy project.  All here join me in this.

Zouheir Jaber, Eng. - LEBANON

Wow!  What an great Magazine!  When I read the chapters’ news & articles,  I felt closer to the whole Druze communities
here & abroad.  Thanks a million for your hard, unselfish, & dedicated work to bring the feelings of closeness among our
groups.  I loved the organization and selection of the magazine’s articles, pictures, news, arts, and other important
information.  I just wanted to congratulate you on a well done job!  I know the hard work that’s behind collecting, editing and
producing a Magazine issue.

Keep up the great work, & may God always guide you on the  right path!
Your sister in Tawhid.

Nuhad Ray HeLal - Dallas, Texas, USA
I am from Kraye al Maten.  Thanks a lot for your magazine & God Bless you & I wish that everyone of us Druze were like you
in giving such excellent work &
serve as an example for the rest of us.  You have really given me hope, God be with
you & with the Druze.
Best regards,

Issam Daou - NIGERIA
Congratulations for a job very well done. You are a great asset to our society. God bless you.

Kabalan Ahmadieh - California, USA
I congratulate you on your first issue of
Al Fajr news magazine. It is truly a great production.  You are one of the most active
Druze.  Your concern is genuine & sincere. Your vision is wide and bright.  May God bless you & keep you steadfast in the
service of our Community.

Sheikh Moustafa F. Moukarim - Houston, Texas, USA
What a bang you started this magazine with, I have to tell you that the name "Al Fajr-The Dawn" is so perfect it embodies
the moment for the Druze everywhere. The material, the articles, the pictures, & most importantly the Idea and the path you
carved will ignite the energy and the spirit of every Druze.
 Now our voice will be heard.

And my dream of an international Druze congress could become a reality.  I couldn't stop the tears of joy when I started
reading & scrolling down the pages.  The love and the pride is felt throughout .
Shauki it didn't strike you yet but you
have started something big.
 May God bless you and bless the ADS.

Dr. Mark Boukzam - Florida, USA
I am so impressed with your edition of
Al Fajr.  I appreciate the richness of its contents, and can only guess how much hard
work and love it took to produce.  Please keep it up, and the Druze will forever be richer with your good publication.  With

Haitham Ballout, Attorney at Law - San Francisco, California, USA
In my personal name and in the name of The Rotary Club of Aley, congratulations on your publication of "
Al Fajr-The Dawn".
What a great idea to have such an informative, interesting and fun site for the Druze community around the world. The Druze
faith cannot any longer be shredded in secrecy & passed down through religious men to religious men alone. Our new
generation's questions should be answered, they should know that
"Al Tawhid" faith holds answers to the most important
questions about Human existence.  
 It is also such a joyful feeling to see the happy and beautiful faces of our
American Druze family.
Congratulations again!

Lina Shehayeb - LEBANON
President Elect - The Rotary Club of Aley
President - "Sponsor a Child" - Partner program with DOCO
I want to commend you & Sarah for the great work & effort you’ve put in to make the
Al-Fajr-The Dawn magazine. It is very
professional, diverse, and covers different views, opinions and education to our community in general, and to
our youth in
God bless and God speed.

Khaled, Diana & Jad Amro - Washington, DC, USA
What you have done and are doing is amazing and your contribution to reconnecting and connecting the Lebanese people is
exactly what the Druze people need. You really put so many things in perspective for me. Life is like an hour glass isn't it so
fast so fragile.  

You are my Hero Shauki,
you have united, re-united and have given so much to so many families and people that I
don't think anyone can really appreciate.   
My life has kept me from so many events such as various Druze functions and
so forth, but after seeing you again and meeting Sarah I am going to do everything I can to attend as many functions as I can.  
I wish you the best in everything you do and hope that all your wishes, dreams, and hearts desires will be fulfilled in your life.

Danial Jaber - Vancouver, BC, CANADA
I am 25 years old & was born & raised in Canada.  I am a very strong believer in my Druze Faith & the
Al Fajr-The Dawn
is the best thing that anyone could ever do.  The more knowledge you feed to our newer generations, the longer
the Druze Faith will stay alive.  I was raised very well by my parents but there are some younger people that  know nothing
about our Faith.  I am Very Proud to call myself Druze & Good Job to everyone who took part in making this Newsletter

Adale Seifeddine - Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
Thank you for keeping us in touch with Druze Community around the world, it is really touching the deepest bottom of my
heart, God bless you.

Salim Faisal Hatoum - SAFAT, KUWAIT
Well done on putting together such a comprehensive magazine!!
Good luck with future editions!  If there's anything the YDPSA (young druze professionals of south Australia) can help with
please let us know.

********************************************************************************WOW!     I am speechless. Your e-newsletter is
amazing! Congratulations on this marvel you have created. You have done a fantastic job. God bless you & all your
endeavors. You have a great spirit & a great message, & you have done a
FANTASTIC job. Thank you so much.  In the Faith.

Kathy Jaber Stephenson - California, USA
I am very happy especially at this time that there is a very honest Druze person who is looking out for the Druze Community by
the big effort they are giving to keep & to remind everybody that the Druze must be
one hand in all over the world. I hope
that this
Al Fajr-The Dawn Magazine will be like sunshine to all Druze & never set down. I would like to thank you &
everyone who has contributed.

Walid Samad - Dubai,  UAE
It is a great honor for me to see the great son of Aley publishing this beautiful magazine. I am delighted by your beautiful

Raja Chehayeb, MD-Cardiologist - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
I want to thank you for making the wonderful Worldwide Druze Magazine. This edition was as great as the previous,  I have
opened this one again and again to see the pictures of the Druze in the
four corners of the globe.  You are the unofficial
avant-garde Ambassador-at-large,
spreading the news of the events & of the Druze people to the four corners of the earth,
teaching Druze people all over the world that,  you too can make an impact on your society;  you too can act in the gap
between religion & life.  What a tremendous job you & Sarah are doing.

Julie Mullin Makarem, Former ADS President - Michigan, USA
I have to congratulate you to the new Al Fajr-The Dawn magazine. It's really great, I liked it from the first time & perhaps if I
have some good ideas i can contribute an article.  Thank you very much and Best regards

Dr. Yarub Salaheddin - AUSTRIA, EUROPE
First off, I just want to say
WOW!   You have truly touched people all around the world and their heartfelt e-mails really prove
the effect that this magazine has made. I had the chance to read the entire magazine & it is nothing short of
pure excellence.
You have given the Druze community a gift that will keep on giving and for that, we are forever indebted to you and your work.
You have portrayed our culture in the best light and have given our community a greater look into our world. You have gone
above and beyond what is expected of everybody by contributing your time and effort for the genuine love of our culture and
to connect our people. I have shared the magazine with my parents & they are in awe of what a great job you have done.
Thank you for everything you have done & for giving me the opportunity to be apart of it & I am positive this magazine will
continue to prosper.

Rajaa Halabi - New Jersey, USA
On behalf of the Central Florida Chapter, please let me take this opportunity to congratulate & applause you for your effort &
dedication to this wonderful magazine
“AL FAJR”.  We are sure, that your dedication and commitment will be recognized
through out our communities nationally and globally.  We are so proud of your commitment to our community. Please keep up
the great work and GOD bless you and your family.   Also, GOD bless our Druze community all around the globe to stay

Raja K. Hatoum, President, Central Florida Chapter - USA
Thank you for this amazing magazine -
Al Fajr-The Dawn.
I would like to receive this magazine directly.

Kamil Atila, Advocator for State Attorney - JERUSALEM
I'm very glad to see this website!  It impressed me so much I have no words to tell you how great I feel.  Thank you!

Raiek Aburish - Yarka, ISRAEL
I received your amazing magazine from a friend of mine.  I'm originally from Gharifeh Al-Shouf and proud to be Druze.

Kamal Walid Fayez  -   SAUDI ARABIA
This is a very great idea, to unite the Druze all over the world.  Good work and good luck!

Nazih Salman - BRAZIL
Thank you for keeping us here in Lebanon informed of what is going on within the Druze community in the Americas.  
work is amazing
being the result of personal effort.  It is highly commended by us all here.  Best regards and wishes.

Fuad Rayess - Aley, LEBANON
Congratulations!  Please keep doing this important job for our culture.  Thank you all.                 

Faddy Hassib Nasr Yordi - VENEZUELA