It is our pleasure to be a part of globally connecting our diverse Druze societies with one another.  With our
common roots we have flourished & now reside in every country around the world. In an effort to keep our
uniqueness and traditions in a fast paced and changing world; we need to maintain a method to transcend
the requests for conformity.

We have the ability to share our unique culture & customs in a very accessible cyber world while
maintaining the efforts required to preserve those elements which have defined our past, and bring it’s
relevance and significance to our future generations.  

This is an attempt to stem the tide and assist with the evolution of our culture, as the world will surely dilute
us if we are unable to define ourselves in a manner that will uphold our unique destiny into the 21st
We have created Al Fajr – The Dawn Druze International Magazine along with this website
in order to do so.

We are at the dawn (Al- Fajr) of our time to make a difference and create an identifiable culture that will
be impossible for anyone to extinguish. We are all doing our best; everything comes from the heart for the
love of you, our Society, which we are highly proud of.  We want to open up a channel for dialogue on our
culture and share our stories.  
We want to hear from everyone on their ideas and thoughts.  

This is most especially important for the youth and the young, up and coming future professionals. The
youth are currently straddling & embracing 2 worlds, and they are most welcome to contribute articles,
thoughts & opinions. We encourage everyone to express their opinions openly,
see CONTACT US for
contact information.

We have the widest Druze network available and are making this magazine available around the
globe for all to read & enjoy.

Everyone is welcome to submit an article or opinion for publication consideration.  All ages are included &
encouraged. We reserve the right to review, edit, accept or decline articles as well as revise for clarity,
content & space.

We are currently preparing the next exciting issue of Al Fajr The Dawn Magazine!!
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
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