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December 13, 1887 – March 23, 1975

His father, Amin ,was a judge in Baabda and Beiteddin.  Primary education in
Mount Lebanon. Complementary education at “Patriarchal” school in Beirut.  
Secondary education at “Lycée Français” in Beirut.  Received his  Diploma in
Law in 1911

1911 – 1920: Judge and then Manager of the Directorate of  food supply
during World War I.

1920 - 1928: Went to Syria where he started as an assistant to the District
attorney of Damascus, then he became the General Inspector of Justice.

1928 – 1930: Director of the Ministry of Justice in addition of being, by
interim, Director of the Ministry of Food supply and Director of the Police
Department. Afterwards Governor of Mount of the Arabs (Jabal al-druze).

1930 – 1936: due to his opposition to the French mandate in general and to
the French counselor of justice in particular, he resigned from public duties
and founded with other nationals and members of the opposition two political
news papers : Al Ayam (the days) and Al Yawm (today).
1931: he was appointed as the general manager of “Al-Awkaf”.
1939: Founded Bait Al Yateem Al Durzi.  Imprisoned in Tadmor , Rachaya and Miyeh wa Miyeh due to his struggle against the
French mandate.
1949: retired from his official duties to take care of Al-Awkaf and Bait Al-Yateem. Al Durzi

In 1931 Aref Al-Nakadi was appointed as the General Manager of Al-Awkaf.  He worked on improving revenues and raising
donations, then he furbished the school of “Al-Dawudiyah” in Abey and founded 43 affiliates in the Bekaa, the Matn and the Shouf.

In 1936 he came with the idea of an orphanage to shelter orphans and needy children, but the majority of the members of Al-Awkaf
committee did not agree with the Nakadi proposal because they cannot afford the expenses. Hence, they agreed that he takes full
responsibility of the project and therefore establishes an independent institution (Bait Al-yateem).  An appeal was launched by the
late Nakadi and contributions began coming in, some as little as 25 dollars or even less, others, but fewer, in bigger quantities.
Enough money had accumulated to rent and furnish in 1939 a small house in Beirut to accommodate few orphans and a matron;
when donations began coming in in larger quantities thus permitting the enlargement of the orphanage, a plot of land was purchased
in Abey in the late fifties .

On this plot, which is adjacent to the most holy of Druze shrines, construction began and was completed in 1967. The three story U-
shaped building was designed to accommodate 400 students and staff, but no sooner was it finished than it was filled. Shortly
thereafter close by houses had to be bought and remodeled and to construct new buildings to accommodate the increasing number
of students that reached at one time around 1012 children.

Aref Al-Nakadi was not only a judge or a social reformer, but he was also a writer and a historian . He wrote and translated several
books among which are the following : Justice in Islam : rules , specifications and comparison with the Roman one.  Summary in
social science.  El Emir El Sayed Abdallah Al Tanoukhy : Biography and religious principles. Omar Bin Abdel Aziz : Book that deals
with corruption and transparency.  Banu Ma’aruf in Lebanon : History of the Lebanese Druze.  In addition to the books written or
translated by Aref Al-Nakadi, he wrote about 188 historic, social and legal articles.    

Beit al-Yatem Druze is a non-governmental philanthropic institution located in Aabey, Lebanon.  The Orphanage was founded in
Beirut by the late Aref El Nakadi. In 1955 with the increase in the number of orphans, Aref El Nakadi, with his own efforts, donations
and the support of the Ministry of Social Affairs, started building the orphanage in Aabey.
The institution offers room, board and education to around 1000 orphans and disadvantaged children ages 2 to 19.

Since 1968 the orphanage has 7 buildings. Thinking about the professional future of the children, Aref El Nakadi created in 1980 the
Technical School that offers courses on accounting-computer, electro and marketing.

The Druze Orphanage is administered by a dedicated board of directors and is maintained by:  1/3 by the Minister of Social Affairs,
The remaining by generous donations from individuals and institutions.