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Hundred of thousands of Druze now live all around the world.  The Druze people have emigrated to numerous
countries around the world.  Having established themselves, they have put down permanent roots and established
Societies in their new place of residence.  Below is a list of established communities, although Druze are found in
all countries of the world.

United States of America and Canada

Several thousand reside in the United States of America and in Canada." In the United States, the Druze have
established 'El-Bakaurat Ed-Dirziyat,' the 'American Druze Society,' the ' American Druze Foundation,' and the
'Druze Council of North America'.

The Druzes in Canada have formed the 'Druze Association of Toronto,' the 'Druze Association of Edmonton', and
the 'Druze Association of Montreal.'  See

Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, with smaller communities in Chile and Colombia. There are also some
Druze in the West Indies and the Philippines.

  • Brazil           They have founded the 'Lar Druzo Brazilero' or the Druze Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Mexico         There is 'La Lega Drusa' or the 'Mexican Druze Committee.'

  • Argentina    A Druze Association has been established in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the name of
                           'Association de Beneficencia Drusa' or the 'Druze Bacora of Argentina.'

  • Venezuela    The Druze have formed the 'Venezuelan Cultural Druze Society.'

  • Adelaide, South Australia
'The Lebanese Druze Community Incorporated' has founded 'The Druze Hall,' where the Druze
community meets.

  • Melbourne, Australia
The Druze have established 'The Australian Druze Association of Victoria'

  • Sydney, Australia
They have established 'The Australian Druze Association of New South Wales.'

  • England     The Druze have formed the 'British Druze Society',

  • France        The 'French Druze Association'

  • Germany    The Druze hold regular gatherings for the region for important occasions.

  • Nigeria         The Druze have established the 'Nigerian Druze Committee.'
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