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Adal Hamdan Takieddine
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On the occasion of the “ World Women’s Day “ The Cultural Movement –
Antelias Lebanon, held a reception honoring Dr. Adal Hamdan Takieddine
on Sunday, March 8th, 2009 at their Cultural Center in Dayr MarElias,
Antelias – Lebanon .

Adal Takieddine , Professor of Psychology and Education at the American
University of Beirut and the Lebanese University , Faculty of Education ,
graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Master’s degree
in Child Development and Education, 1959 ; and a Bachelor’s degree ,
with distinction, in 1953. She pursued her higher education toward the
PhD degree at the Saint Joseph University, Institute of Oriental Studies,
under the guidance of Pere Alord. (A French Orientalist).

After graduation from the American University of Beirut, she taught
Psychology for seven years at the same university. Later she was
appointed at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Education where she
taught for 28 years, undergraduate and graduate students, and
supervised theses writing for the latter.

Dr. Adal carried out research studies pertaining to child growth and
development. She participated in conferences in education and
psychology, and delivered lectures on subjects pertaining to child growth
and development, family problems; parent-child relationships; - children
reading interests; content analysis of Arabic elementary school readers
relating to subject content, language level, and values contained in
Her lectures on these subjects were published in books and journals on the related subjects – also in the daily newspapers. She
lectured on women and the war in Lebanon; women in the media, and women and family problems in Lebanon.  Dr. Adal spoke on
national occasions such as “ Independence Day “ – upon the request of the Women’s Associations and the Committee on Women’
s Rights.  On Martyrs day in Baakline, especially about her husband Sheikh Halim Takieddine .

She was a “Keynote Speaker” at the American Druze Society Convention in the United States, in New Jersey , in 1986 , where she
spoke about her husband, Sheikh Halim Takieddine, President of the Druze Appelette Court and Druze Jurisprudence in Lebanon
after his assassination in 1983.(Dec. 1st.  She spoke mainly, and upon the request of many , about the book she published about
him after his assassination that was published in 1985 . The book was available at the Convention for those interested.

Dr. Takieddine gave a press conference at the United Nations in New York on behalf of a group of women from Lebanon during a
sit –in held in front of the United Nations in N.Y protesting against the Israeli invasion to Lebanon in 1982.  She also gave a press
conference in Washington at the request of the Arab-American Antidiscrimination Committee also on the Israeli invasion in
Lebanon, she  spoke to the Lawyers Syndicate in New Haven, Connecticut, at their request on the same subject . She was
honored by the Women’s Auxiliary Committee of Haigzian University in Beirut on May 8th, 2001.

Dr. Takieddine published 3 books:

  1. A book about her husband entitled “Sheikh Halim Takieddine President of Druze Jurisprudence in Lebanon,” in 1985 – The
    introduction written by Dr. Muhammad Khalil El Basha.
  2. Translated Dr. Muhammad El Basha’s book in Arabic “Man’s Transformations in the Universe “into English.
  3. Druze Women in the Druze Society through History,  --2004

Dr Takieddine is member of:
  1. “Committee of Family Planning in Lebanon “
  2. “Lebanese Women’s Council “
  3. “ Board of Trustees of the Shouf National College “ in Baakline, Lebanon
  4. “ Druze Council of Educational Institution in Lebanon “
  5. “Committee on Scholarships for Outstanding University Students in Lebanon”. Including the Scholarship Fund in the name
    of the “Martyr, Sheikh Halim Takieddine “  – The Druze League of Social Work
  6. Member of the” Friends of Baakline National Library”
  7. Member of the Druze Social Development League in Lebanon

Dr. Takieddine has three children:
  • Ousama – Civil Engineer
  • Hala – Landscape Arch. And Agricultural  Engineer
  • Makram – Civil Engineer

She has eight grandchildren, four of whom are university students in U.S.A, American University of Beirut, and Alba.