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Who’s Who Amongst Arab Women
Anissa Najjar was born in Beirut on June 26, 1913, she is the daughter of
the late Salim Anis Rawda and Zalfa Amine Najjar from al Obadiah,
Lebanon.  Her brother Anis Salim Rawda was the head of Druze welfare
cooperation association and the secretary of Druze sect home.  Her sister
is the sculptor Salwa Rawda Shokair.  On April 4th, 1944, Anissa married
the late agronomist Foaud Amine Najjar (also former Agriculture Minister)
who passed away in 1992, and she is the mother of 3 children, Mona,
Sana & Khaled (all Agriculture Engineers).

Awards:  Received the Lebanese Merit Medal (Knight Degree), the
Lebanese Merit Medal (Commander Degree) in occasion of the 40th
anniversary of the Village Revival Association.  She also received the
Lebanese Army Shield for her participation in publishing the Al Tanshia

She was chosen to be part of Who’s Who amongst Arab Women due to
her constant efforts for 65 years in working to help improve her society for
the sake of her fellow country men.  Through her works, she managed to
identify her country to the world and become an empowering role model
for the Arab women in the Arab region and all over the world.  She left by
virtue of Village Revival Association an institution for poverty and
ignorance and illness thus making a change in the status of Arab women
for the 21at century.  
A tireless leader, still going strong at 97, her numerous accomplishments listed below.

1923: Prize of excellence in the Kindergarten and Elementary Protestant School – Beirut.
1931: Founder of Al-Ahlia magazine at the Intermediate School.
1934: Beirut College for women – president of the Arab Society (while student in Pre-Medics)
1936: B.A in sociology from the American University of Beirut – Editor of Urwat El Wothka (Arab student’s voice paper)
1937: Teacher in Baghdad Teachers College.
1938/39:Principal of Mosul Secondary School-Iraq.
1940: Principal of Kirkuk Intermediate School-Iraq.
1943: Served in the ousting of the French Mandate (manifestations with the Lebanese Council of Women (LCW)
1947: Decoration of the Red Cross for service in the 2nd World War (Lady Spears).
1948: General Secretary of the Druze Orphanage.
1951: member of the Lebanese Federation for women: editor of the “Voice of Women”
1951: Elected general secretary, (with Evelyne Bustros – President) in the L.C.W.
1953: Founded with her the Village Welfare Society first community development in the Arab East.
1954: Founded with Ruth Hembekedes the Homec. Lab. Society at the B.U College.
1953/55:Represented Lebanon in the Arab Women conference in Cairo and Baghdad.
1959: Delegated by Unesco, to the conference on women in Sirs Layyan – Egypt
1959: Her husband Fouad Najjar became a Minister of Agriculture.
1960: Representative of the women’s institutions in the Lebanese National Unesco Commission for seven years.
1960: Won the U.S committee of correspondence competition: prize to spend a month in the U.S.A to study American life.
1961: President of the Village Welfare Society (V.W.S.) and founder of WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace &
Freedom) Lebanon (San-Francisco Conference).
1965: Represented WILPF in the Status of Women Commission in Tehran.
1965: Represented the V.W.S. in the Associated Country Women of  the World (A.C.W.W.) in Ireland.
1967: Al Bustan Austrian paper published her article on the “Arab Women”.
1967: Decorated for (Lebanon’s Knights order) through  the Minister of Social Affairs.
1968: Represented V.W.S. in the A.C.W.W. in Michigan.
1970: Attended WILPF conference in India.
1971: Attended the Lions International conference in New Delhi.
1972 :Member of the Lebanese delegation to the world catholic conference for the children held in Lebanon.
1974: I.E.C. in Hamburg (WILPF).
1975: Founded the C.I.S.V. (Children International Summer Village) in Lebanon and sent the first children’s mission.
1976: Appointed chair of the F.A.O. conference delegation to Cairo.
1977: Elected, WILPF international vice president.
1980: Appointed by the Lebanese women’s council to represent  Lebanon in the world handicrafts in Thailand.
1981: The Red Cross award for war service.
1983: WILPF voted 2nd term for the 1977 Board.
1983: Israelis encroached upon Lebanon, her daughter engineer Sana Najjar, Penrose, award (AUB) was killed by the bombing.
1985: Shared in a Lebanese delegation to the U.N. General Secretary sit-in to defend the Palestine cause.
1985: Headed a WILPF delegation to the women’s decade in Nairobi, Africa.
1986 Elected president of the women’s L.W.C. for 2 years (war arrangement).
1976-90:Workshops on home return to the displaced rural women.
1975-2000:Continuous children’s delegations to children international summer village (C.I.S.V.).
1989: WILPF conference in Sydney – speaker in Adelaide to the Arab citizens.
1991: Decorated with the Lebanese Lieutenant medal of honor for Community service in the VWS during the past 40 years.
1992: Husband Minister Fouad Najjar lost in tragic car accident.
1993: “Dar An Nedwa” honor banquet for her with Mr. Monah Solh as speaker.
1993:  Withdrew from L.W.C. expressing objection on unconstitutional practices.
1994: Offered along with Mere Sara, a token plate of recognition by the Lebanon Child Care Union.
1995: Attended WILPF conference in Helsinki.
1995: Attended world decade of women in China.
1996: One hour recorded and aired T.V. Documentary about her life by the Ministry of Culture.
1997: Presented with a token plate from the Lebanese  Army for sharing in the civics book for the army.
1999: Published “Erasing the Illiteracy of The mind” her book on what  should a rural women know to remain in her village vs.
exodus to cities.
2000: Nominated the “Mother of The Year” by the Haigazian University Women Society.
2000: Won the World Women Summit Federation prize for rural activity.
2000: Token plate for national participation in Beirut for 23rd of July revolution.
2001: Token plate from the first lady in Lebanon for pioneering in  social service.
2001: Token plate from the members of V.M.S.
2001: Token plate from the Municipalities of Manasif.
2001: Token plate from the members of V.W.S for the 50th Jubilee.
2001: V.W.S honorary Lebanese mother.
2002: Recognition of La Joconde cultural association-Antelias.
2002: East Lebanon breast plate of the Young Druze Professionals (YDP)
2004: Became honorary president to V.W.S., Mrs. Sameera Abu-El  Hosn took over.
2005: Re-elected president of WILPF Lebanon (L.C.P.F.)
2005: Pin and honorary recognition of. C.I.S.V. International.
2005: Sent a notifying letter to L.C.W. to change mistakes in their legal practice.
2006: A silver award from the committee on the Palestinian Women’s Rights.
2007: Chosen to be a leader amongst a 1,000 Arab women research paper.
2008: Mona N. Halabi honored her mother, for reaching 95 years old, at the Bristol Hotel, speakers: Henri Zgaib , Emily Nasrallah
and Raid Sharafeddine.
2008: A plate of honor offered by the Lions Clubs of the area 351(Arab Women Conference
2008: Award by AUB Alumni Association for the 65th anniversary of her graduation from AUB.
2009: Honored by Lebanon 2020 Forum, Al-Bustan Hotel-Beit Mery