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Anis I. Obeid, MD, was honored for his significant contributions to the
greater Syracuse, New York community during Crouse Health
Foundations 39th annual Tribute Evening.

Dr. Obeid introduced the discipline of Echocardiography to Syracuse in
1972; became Director of Echocardiography and Stress Testing at
Crouse Hospital in 1980; and continues to be active in the field today.   
Graduated with an MD degree from the AUB School of Medicine in 1957
& his post graduate training was done in the US.  

He quickly because Chief of Cardiology in 1975 and established the New
York Heart Center in 1983 with 2 colleagues.  He is a lifetime honorary
member of the American Medical Association along with numerous other
professional organizations.

A board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Obeid published a textbook on
Echocardiography in 1993 that was widely recognized in the medical
field. He has authored and co-authored more than 50 scientific articles
in peer reviewed Cardiology journals, as well as lectured extensively on
various topics in Cardiology locally and nationally. Dr Obeid established
the New York Heart Center with Drs. Daniel Fuleihan and Dennis Ehrich
in 1983. He is a lifetime honorary member of the American Medical
Dr. Anis Obeid was born and raised in Aley, Lebanon.  In 1999 he published a book of poetry in Arabic, and in July 2006
published a book,
The Druze and Their Faith in Tawhid, Syracuse University Press.

The Tribute Evening 2015 was held at the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center, The Oncenter, with 1,100 attendees enjoying an
extended reception, gourmet dinner, tribute presentation and entertainment by The Time Machine Band. The highlight of the
evening was the salute to Dr. Obeid.

Announced at the event, Tribute Evening net proceeds are expected to reach a record $400,000. These proceeds will be used to
support the work of Crouse Health Foundation including purchasing special equipment, underwriting new initiatives, and funding
educational programs and scholarships.  

His life would require many books to properly describe his accomplishments, to precisely characterize him and to eloquently
praise him.  

In addition to his medical career, Dr. Obeid is also involved in many social and cultural organizations including the Syracuse Area
Middle East Dialogue (SAMED). He is the recipient of the Crouse Hospital Auxiliary’s Distinguished Service Award, The Onondaga
County Medical Society’s Distinguished Service Award and the Interfaith Works Leadership Award.      

He is a founding member and past chairman of the American Druze Foundation, and a life long member of the American Druze
Society.  During this time he has also received recognition and numerous awards for distinguished service to his profession and
community.  Last but not least, he added to his long list of well deserved awards, the distinguished honor of Man of the Year from
the American Druze Society.

Dr. Obeid currently resides in Syracuse, NY with his lovely wife, Nawal Najeeb Saab.  Nawal has received her MS degree and is
currently engaged in part time practice.  She is also involved in many cultural activities.  Their two sons also live in Syracuse.

Thank you, Dr. Anis, for your sincere contributions and lifelong love & support of our Druze Society.  
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