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This was the chosen endeavour of Dr. Abbas Abu Saleh the Druze
Lebanese intellect who spent his life venturing through the fields of
knowledge, learning and teaching, researching and publishing, lecturing
in conferences and supporting his community.

Born in 1943, from the Chouf region of Mount Lebanon in a modest agri-
rural household that relied on basic agricultural activities for sustenance.
At a young age he developed a unique interest in reading books. He
spent his childhood days as a typical child of that time helping his family in
the daily farm chores. He picked up reading and writing, notable at the
time when education was scarce and schools where distant, unavailable
and costly. Slowly he became intrigued by the power of books and the
vastness of knowledge that they presented. He handled his daily farm
chores while the book never left his hand.
During his early education he showed remarkable enthusiasm, achieving distinguished performance each year. Abu Saleh moved
from the local schools earning scholarships and eventually graduating from the International School of Choeifat in 1961. After
graduation, Abu Saleh was offered a place at the Lebanese University, graduating with a Degree (B.A) in History in 1965 with
distinction. Indeed, his strong will power coupled with hard work and determination placed him as a high achiever, distinguishing
him amongst his peers. Abu Saleh received numerous scholarships yet the most notable are the performance based scholarships
to continue his post graduate studies in the United States of America. In 1971 Dr. Abu Saleh graduated with Distinction and was
awarded a PhD in History from the University of Texas at Austin . He was the first to hold a PhD degree in the Chouf region at the

Following his graduation, Dr. Abu Saleh returned to Lebanon to serve his community and to lecture at the American University of
Beirut. Most notably at the Lebanese University along with the professors that had previously taught him as a student. In 1974,
Abu Saleh was appointed as Chairman of the history division of the Educational Council for Research & Development. During
those years he was responsible along with a committee of other scholars for the development of the national history textbook and
curriculum, a topic that proved to be very controversial and sensitive especially as the Lebanese civil war developed. He was
noted by many of his colleagues to be the rightful objective voice of the committee distant of any political, religious prejudice and
subjective tweaking or manipulation of historic writing.

During his 40 years of teaching and scholarly experience, Dr. Abu Saleh shared his wisdom and knowledge among his colleagues
and students. His writings of history are known for their unique scientifically objective triangulation approach. His books remain
proof of the depth of his research and analysis. He passed his thoughts and intellectual mindset to generations of students who
were intrigued by his cunning and inspiration to seek wisdom and objective unleashing of historic truth.

Dr. Abu Saleh published numerous books, newspaper articles & academic publications. Below are some of his popular books:
  • The Revolution Against Ibrahim Pasha in Syria (Beirut, 1978)
  • The Political History of the Mowahideen in the Arab East (Beirut, 1980)
  • Political History of the Chihab Emirate in Mount Lebanon (Beirut, 1984)
  • The Lebanese Crises of 1958 on the light of New Documents (Beirut, 1998)
  • The Modern History of the Mowhahideen Al Druze (Beirut, 2012)

In addition to this, Dr. Abu Saleh participated as a Speaker in several conferences. We mention below some of the popular
conferences in Lebanon and abroad:
  • “Lebanon and the Middle East Defense Strategy of the West” International Conference on Lebanon in the 1950s, The
    Middle East Center, (The University of Texas at Austin, 1992).
  • “The Resolution of the Lebanese Conflict of 1958”, International Conference on Conflict Resolution in the Arab World
    (American University of Beirut, 1994)
  • “Migration of a Minority to Mount Lebanon”, Conference on Migration and Settlements of Minorities in the Middle East,
    Department of Religious Studies, (University of California U.C.L.A and the University of San Diego, 1999)
  • “Lebanon in the American National Archives” (Lebanese American University, June 2005).
  • Druze Migration Conference (Lebanon, 2010)

In 2011, Dr. Abu Saleh was awarded with the Kamal Jumblat Medal in an honouring ceremony held at Dar Tayfeh in Beirut.  The
ceremony was attended by the Minister of Higher Education in Lebanon along with numerous members of the parliament, key
figures and renowned people.